Bank Executives and Professionals

Count: 180,636 | List: 1144

Bank Executives Mailing ListThis file features the top and middle managers responsible for implementing policies, procedures and practices within their financial institution. Their duties include the extension of credit approving loans, opening accounts and other asset related procedures. These executives are often highly competent on in-house software and are responsible for every customer account that they work on.

These individuals are ideal prospects for any computer-related offer as well as financial seminar offerings.

Reach these Bank professionals for offers on Seminars, Subscriptions, Books, Recruitment and any other banking related offer.

The Bank Executives list is NCOA’d quarterly.

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Selections by Type of Bank

Central Reserve Depository Institutions NEC 457
Commercial Banks NEC 7,781
Federal Reserve Banks 1,000
National Commercial Banks 167,843
State Commercial Banks 3,555


Selections by Job Title

Administration 2,397
Board of Directors 6,200
Chairman 957
Chief Engineer 503
Chief Executive Officer 28,323
Chief Financial Officer 1,170
Chief Information Officer 4,160
Chief Operating Officer 3,846
Controller 651
Development Director 274
Director 2,740
Executive Director 135
Executive Vice President 1,736
Financial Manager 13,146
General Counsel 489
General Manager 230
Human Resources Administrator 3,199
Manufacturing Vice President 104
Office Manager 47,084
Other Managers 39,414
Owner 2,968
Partner 251
President 8,815
Public Relations Manager 157
Purchasing Director/Agent 425
Technical Director 677
Vice President of Marketing 3,529
Vice President of Sales 6,011