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ebiz advantageThe eBiz advantage business emails list is composed of e-mail addresses of powerful and influential individuals – top brass business executives, decision makers and key professionals from various industries.

VERIFIED: The file is double-verified and permission-based to determine the authenticity of their company e-mail addresses. We have a CAN-SPAM compliance guarantee on all our lists.

SPECIFIC: Job title, SIC code, sales volume, employee size, and geography are selectable.


Benefits of E-mail Promotions

  • Extend the reach and frequency of advertising and promotional messages
  • Drive sales traffic to offline channel partners or websites
  • Execute cost-effective customer acquisition and retention programs
  • Increase customer lifetime value


We can find any list you need!

  • Over 250 Hard-to-Find Licensed Professionals Lists
  • Medical & Healthcare Mailing Lists
  • Business & Consumer Mailing Lists
  • Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers
  • Over 70 Years in Business

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Selections by Job Function

Administration 1,238
Marketing/Sales – Vice President 76,149
Administrations Director 12,440
Marketing/Sales – Manager 21,498
Assistants/Clerks 3,410
Auditor/Tax/Bookkeeper 11,789
Banker 2,435
Office Manager 2,163
Many Selects Available