Manufacturing Agent Companies/Representatives and Executives

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manufacturing agent companies mailing listThis file consists of companies who represent manufacturing companies. They target specific industries and try to market and sell the products of the manufacturers. Each manufacturing agent has a designated area of the country where they try to sell their manufacturers’ products.

Reach Manufacturing Agent Companies & Executives for offers on Seminars, Subscriptions, Books, Recruitment and any other Manufacturing related offer.

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Selections by Type of Job Title

Administrator 875
Board Member 55
Business Development 10
Chairman 36
Chief Executive Officer 286
Chief Financial Officer 74
Chief Marketing Officer 48
Chief Operating Officer 26
Chief Technology Officer 67
Controller 64
Corp Communications PR 16
Director 85
Engineering Technical 345
Executive Director 14
Executive Officer 242
Executive Vice President 254
Finance Executive 312
General Manager 41
Human Resources Executive 227
Information Technology 286
Manager 1,647
Manufacturing Executive 114
Marketing Executive 617
Operations Executive 209
Owner 4,867
Partner 45
President 2,104
Principal 80
Purchasing 151
Sales Executive 681