Physical Therapists

Count: 297,384 | List: 1440

Physical TherapistsThis newly updated file features Physical Therapists.  These professionals foster the development and improvement of physical therapy service, education, and research.  They work with physically challenged individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, mental health facilities, and rehabilitation centers.  They are licensed by the state and are implementing leaders in providing physical therapy services, educational programs, sponsoring conventions, writing for professional journals, and conducting scientific research.  Physical Therapists are ideal prospects for seminars, continuing education programs, and professional workshops.  They subscribe to work-related magazines, and purchase physical therapy supplies.

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Selections by Type of Therapist

Physical Therapist Assistant 23,500
Physical Therapist 266,700


Selections by Specialty

Cardiopulmonary 51
Electrophysiology – Clinical 53
Ergonomics 47
eriatrics 463
Hand 99
Human Factors 6
Neurology 192
Orthopedic – Sports 2,447
Pediatrics 2,010