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This handy reference guide includes:request a free catalog, mailing lists, marketing lists, doctors lists

  • Index to all HDML mailing list counts
  • Breakdown of all industries by SIC (Standard Industrial Classification Codes)
  • HDML E-mail Lists & Data Services information
  • Pricing Guide and Ordering Information
  • And more!

Request a Free Catalog and grow your sales with Hugo Dunhill Mailing Lists & Services. Growing your sales means finding the gems in your market – the prospects who are ready to BUY! Like anything precious, it takes some digging to find the diamonds. Our list marketplace is filled with thousands of lists, each containing millions of names. As a salesperson or a business owner, it’s not practical or cost efficient to spend time pouring over lists, trying to find the ‘right’ names. This is where Hugo Dunhill can help.

Hugo Dunhill’s reference guide offers hard-to-find professional list data counts, helpful information and coupons and savings offers for your lists…

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