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Data Enhancements

Get more from your lists. Data Enhancement is a valuable demographic appending service that can add important business or consumer information to your lists and new dimensions to your marketing campaigns. The “profile” we create can give you a better understanding of who your clients are, allowing you to more effectively serve their needs and identify new prospects.

  • Add valuable demographic/psychographic information to your file including behavior and financial data. Applicable to both consumer and business databases.
  • Consumer Enhancement: Append more than 70 types of information for consumer data,
    such as credit information, age, occupation, education, purchasing behavior, and more.mailing lists, marketing lists, doctors lists
  • Business Enhancement: Provide business information from 50 data categories, such as employee size, annual sales and more.
  • Fast turnaround: On average, we can process a file in as little as 48 hours.
Effectively target new prospects with Data Enhancement:

  • Create a profile that will identify the specific characteristics particular
    to your customers.
  • Get a better understanding of your customer base. Uncover hidden information
    contained on your file and market more effectively.
  • Identify prospects most likely to respond to your offer.

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Merge Purge

Working with an updated list is critical to maximizing your marketing budget. Merge/Purge is the process of identifying and removing duplicate records on a list or between many lists.

The DDS Merge Purge process:email append, data append, database solutions

Formatting – Once your list is in-house, it is reformatted quickly and accurately for consistency and standardization.

Duplicate Removal – Using unique matching logic, duplicates are identified on various levels, depending on your needs. This could include business name, household name, individual names, addresses or telephone numbers.

Merge Purge Report – Once merge/purge is complete, you are provided with a report of your updated list. The results are of high quality and accuracy including information on address standardization, data appending, and data analysis.

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List Fulfillment

HDML can maintain hundreds of databases for list fulfillment, relieving you of the hassle of managing your large proprietary databases.  Once your lists are loaded onto our system, you can easily to access your file through email, FTP, and Pressure Sensitive Labels.

  • Our average turnaround time is 24 hours.
  • All merge/purges are completed in house, so your files are always secure.
  • We standardize addresses to Zip+4 for more accurate deliverability.
  • Our staff of programmers is available to your when you need assistance or would like to place an order.

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Data Hygiene

Using custom data cleansing and appending processes based on your industry- and audience-specific needs, we will clean and streamline your database. Data from sources including email and direct mail lists is filtered to eliminate unusable data, duplicate records, outdated information or poorly inputted records to ensure that only accurate and up-to-date information remains. With DDS, you can also merge customer and prospect files, and overlay data from additional lists to facilitate deeper customer insight.

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National Change of Address Processing (NCOA)

Nearly 17% of the nation’s population moves annually.
Stay in touch with your clients with HDML’s NCOA services.
With NCOA Processing, Hugo Dunhill can match your customer file against the Post Office National Change of Address file to help you stay in contact with valuable clients as they move from one address to the next.   NCOA helps reduce “undeliverable as addressed” mail by correcting input addresses prior to mailing.  This service has saved mailers millions of dollars that would otherwise have been wasted in materials and postage.
NCOA provides the following benefits to mailers:

  • Reduces undeliverable mail by providing the most current address information for matches made to the NCOA file.
  • Prevents duplicate mail pieces or re-mailings after address corrections are received because the address correction is applied prior to the mailing.
  • Reduces mailer cost by reducing the number of undeliverable and duplicate mail pieces, using most current address information.
  • Provides the opportunity for faster product/service marketing through accurate mail delivery.

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