Brokers and Resellers

We compile our own lists. Better deals for you and your clients!Brokers and Resellers mailing lists, marketing lists, doctors lists

The Advantage of Being an HDML List Reseller
Hugo Dunhill will provide you with the tools you need to be an effective list reseller:

  • Access to over 200 quality lists and databases compiled in-house and available to you at market-low rates.
  • Low prices that allow you to offer a fair price to your clients while maintaining a profit for your role in the acquisition of lists and databases.
  • FREE Training on our exclusive count and order fulfillment system.
  • Marketing support including informational datacards and test leads to share with your clients and a FREE subscription to our e-newsletter with excellent tips for direct marketers.
  • A dedicated Hugo Dunhill Account Executive who will assist you in selecting relevant Brokers and Resellers lists and developing your accounts.
  • As an HDML List Reseller, you become a part of one of the longest lasting networks in the mailing list industry. We offer over 70 years of expertise to share with you!

Who’s Qualified?

If you purchase lists and databases on behalf of a client, you’re a perfect candidate to reap the benefits of purchasing directly from us, the original list complier. Advertisers and Advertising Agencies, Print Shops, Direct Marketing Agencies, and List Resellers and Brokers can all benefit from the HDML Reseller Program.

How Do I Become an HDML Reseller?

Call our office at (800) 223.6454 to speak with a representative in our Wholesale Division about our pricing and support for list resellers.

More Information:
View the list of HDML lists and databases available to our resellers