Cosmetic Surgeons, Plastic Physicians & Spas List

Count: 28,176 | List: 4030

Cosmetic Surgeons
Often misunderstood, the specialty of plastic surgery covers a wide range of procedures, both reconstructive and aesthetic, and unlike other medical specialties, which concentrate on one particular area of the body; cosmetic surgeons are involved in the reconstruction and remolding of nearly all external body structures. These specialists continue to push ahead with innovations, improving current techniques and discovering new ones.

Cosmetic Surgeons can be selected by type of practice, decade of birth, gender and other selects are also available. Please inquire.

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The Cosmetic and Plastic Physicians and Surgeons list is NCOA’d Quarterly.

State counts available upon request.

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Cosmetic Surgeons

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Cosmetic Surgeon Selections by Job Specialty

Beauty and Day Spas 4,030
Dermatologists 9,775
and Surgeons 1,383
Medical Spa 303
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon 6,27
Plastic Surgeons 6,406